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Looking for an additional supplier?


If you're a wholesaler or reseller in the industry, you know there's a lot of older imaging equipment still out there
in use you simply cannot find supplies for.  The equipment is old but it still works and it fits the customer's needs
but maybe the manufacturer has discontinued it's supplies.  

If you're looking for more supply options in addition to your regular distributors, we can help with the odd requests.

Here's a few frequently asked questions:

  • Can you blind ship?
      Yes, we can ship blind from our facility and sometimes double blind.

  • Do you accept PO's or offer Net 30 day terms?
      Yes, we accept purchase orders and offer terms to qualifying accounts.

  • Do you charge Sales Tax?
      We do not charge sales tax outside of the State of Arizona or if you have a current AZ sales tax exempt form.

  • Who qualifies as a reseller or wholesaler?
      - Printer / copier / POS dealers or technicians
      - Technology service companies
    Internet resellers and drop-shippers





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